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Bill Riley


Camp Kyle Day 6 Morning Practice

whitt arms crossed

The first of the Double Day practices on Saturday for the University of Utah yielded a better offensive tempo if not all the results that the coaching staff wanted. Following the Day 6 morning session both Kyle Whittingham and Offensive Coordinator Dennis Erickson talked of better offensive tempo, following a lackluster Friday practice. Whittingham said while the tempo was better the offense needs to “clean things up” as there are still too many mistakes and not enough plays being made.

Here’s the post practice audio of Kyle Whittingham with the media.

erickson 1

Utah Offense

I spoke at length with Offensive Coordinator Dennis Erickson after Day 6 and asked specifically about the QB position. He says that there still room for some movement on the QB depth, but he doesn’t expect Travis Wilson to move off of the #1 QB spot. All the QB’s had an average day today. He was pleased with the way his offense responded in the up tempo and “NASCAR” tempo, which is the up up tempo offense. He’s not where he wants to be with the offense 6 days into practice.

Likes the numbers of quality running backs in his system, especially when they go high tempo. Thought that Karl Williams had a good day of practice today.

Erickson wants his wideouts to make more plays. He says too many drops today and so far in camp. Expects things to get better. Hopes to have Andre Lewis back next week, perhaps as soon as Wednesday.

Here’s Dennis Erickson after Saturday morning practice.

Brian Blechen

For the first time this fall we saw senior linebacker Brian Blechen on the field and looking like his old self today in full pads at the stadium. Blechen has been battling soreness in his knees. He calls himself about 75% right now and getting better.

Utah Secondary

The thin numbers continue in the Utah secondary due to injury issues. Both Keith McGill (concussion) and Davion Orphey (hip flexor) missed practice again on Saturday. Which has given more reps to youngsters Reggie Porter, Justin Thomas, Hippolito Corporan. At the safety spot, Eric Rowe is the one constant right now. I caught up with Rowe after practice on Saturday morning and here’s our conversation.